La The European Geoparks Network describes a European Geopark as:

  • A territory that includes specific geological heritage and sustainable territorial development strategies, supported by a European programme to promote its development. The limits must be clearly outlined and there must be enough scope for financial territorial development.
  • A territory with remarkable geological heritage including areas of special geological significance of scientific quality, uniqueness, aesthetic and educational values, and whose interests may also be archaeological, ecological, historical and cultural.
  • A territory where geotourism is encouraged. Geoparks play an active role in the financial development of the territory by improving the general image linked to the geological heritage and development of sustainable tourism, as well as geotourism.
  • A territory that works hand in hand with its people allowing them to own the values of their heritage and become active members in the enhancement of the whole area.
  • A territory in which to experiment, promote research and improve methods to preserve their geological heritage.
  • Working within the European Geoparks Network to promote development and cohesion. And in addition, work with local companies to promote and support the creation of new sub-products related to the geological heritage with the cooperation of all the members of the Network.