Project Description

The south eastern coastal stripe of the islet of Alegranza has a marine cliff between 40 and 200 m high, where the different formation sequences of the islet are left exposed. This is a coastal shelf of very varied profile, height and morphology on the basis of the type of the predominant material it covers, and of the structure of the layers that form it, which consist of mainly alternation of lava flows, lapilli deposits and dense pyroclastic currents (dry and humid pyroclastic waves). East to west, there are three different stretches that stand out: the 1st stretch consists of the active cliff on the area of Montaña de La Rapadura, the central stretch cuts across the cone of el Montaña de Lobos showing almost the full column of its layers, and the 3rd stretch includes the non functional cliff of the Veril.
It has a mainly stratigraphic interest, given the fact that throughout it, you can see the vertical and lateral variations of the deposits that form the islet. In addition, there is a wide range of geological diversity, ranging from volcanic and detrital deposits, to active marine and wind active processes. Also a secondary vulcanological and geomorphological interest.