Project Description

It includes some complex valleys when it comes to their evolution and morphology, and lacks heads and mouths. The are headless valleys that appear to be hanging at the top as a consequence of the formation of the cliff of Famara. But, in addition, in the middle stretches, the location of the recent lava flows has resulted in their closure and the disappearance of the lower stretches and its mouth. As a consequence of it, the valleys turned into endorheic vegas and the hillsides and bottom got covered up by detrital deposits. However, the subsequent erosion has once more formed beds that fit into those deposits and that get lost down the valley. The transformation of Barranco del Valle, was not only a consequence of the lava flows closing up, but it was also due to the small volcanic cone at the bottom of it.
This geosite represents the interference between volcanic and erosive processes. Its main interest is geomorphological, although also sedimentological and volcanological.