Project Description

This is a clear example of a valley with a transversal “V” profile. A straight ravine where the erosion of the water has excavated the complete sequence of the materials that form the Famara Massif, draining towards its eastern slope / watershed. The ravine seems to be fitted on a NW-SE fault plain, a factor that has to do with the fact that its transversal profile is so closed. Throughout the outline of this ravine, there are different types of volcanic deposits, such as lavas with spectacular columnar disjunction structures, characterised by the presence of hexagonal prisms, and several alternating pyroclastic levels. There are also También hanging detrital levels, openings and detrital fans. In this ravine, there are also different fitting stages. In some areas, the walls of the ravine have dykes that cut off the whole sequence.
This geosite has a main volcanological interest, and a secondary tectonic, stratigraphic and geomorphological interest. It has easy access and throughout the path there is much geological diversity. This is a stunning and spectacular place.