Project Description

This geosite is located in Monumento al Campesino, a Tourist Centre of the Cabildo Insular of Lanzarote dedicated to the traditional work on the fields of the islands. On the inside of the building there are distal lava flows from the Timanfaya eruption (1730-1736) as ornamental elements. The lava flows that reached Puerto de Arrecife during the last stage of the volcanic activity. In the main dining hall a section of the horizontal base of a pahoehoe lava flow can be observed. The corridor with a flat ceiling that runs through the lava flow is quite interesting, and although its walls are artificial, there are several glazed areas behind which there are in situ deposits, making a visit through the geological history of this area possible, as it has been excavated in the materials prior to the Timanfaya eruption (floors and pyroclasts) and the first wind dispersion pyroclasts of this eruption. At the top of the hall, there is the base of the most distal lava flows of the eruption that reached Puerto de Arrecife.
This geosite has a main volcanological interest, and a secondary stratigraphic interest. It has got a strategic location as tourist centre of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, which favours its state of preservation. The edaphological interest must also be mentioned. […] This is an excellent example of making the most of geological resources in local architecture.