Project Description

The alignment of the Calderas Quemadas monogenetic volcanoes define the main direction of the eruptive fissure that led to the historic eruption of Timanfaya. This alignment is a small volcanic chain formed from the interweaving, overlapping and juxtaposition of four volcanic ring structures that generate the most compact alignment of the Timanfaya area. Each of the cones is configured from one or more of the major craters with a funnelled morphology and several effusive fissures on the base, which caused the initial mass pahoehoe type lava flows. In the easternmost building, Caldera Quemada de Arriba, large volcanic bombs were created. This is also an area in which there have been significant geothermal anomalies. An added value is that in this area, one of the Geophysics Laboratory modules of La Casa de Los Volcanes is located with numerous instruments for geophysical research in the area.
This geosite is of major tectonic type interest, it also offers volcanological and geomorphological interest. This is part of Geosite “VC007 Parque Nacional de Timanfaya ” which is of international importance. Its conservation is excellent due to the fact that it is within the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. Access is restricted, but the bus circuit that runs through the park passes through the base of the cones that form the alignment.