Project Description

From the south sector to the north, there is a gradual decrease of the age of materials that make up the coast. This fact clearly results in changes to the coastal setting of the whole littoral. After barely 2 km, it is possible to make out, at least, three stretches: on the first stretch, in the area called Los Resbalajes, there are old beaches with the whole range of the typical shapes of marine erosion over fossiliferous sandstone; the second stretch, La Acantilada, includes an outcrop of rocky materials, over the basaltic lava flows; and finally, on the last stretch there is Playa de Las Conchas, consisting of current organogen sand deposits of wind origin with nebkas.


This SGO in La Graciosa stands out for its morphological interest, and secondary volcanological, sedimentological, paleontological and stratigraphic interest. The western coastal area of La Graciosa is characterised by the presence of geological and geomorphological features seen in the constant interference between the volcanic construction and erosion processes, and marine sedimentation, which is a good indicator of the geological changes in time-space on the coastline.