Project Description

The island of La Graciosa is characterised by recent volcanism and the intense sand covering it. That explains the little significance that erosive shapes have on the whole surface. La Graciosa has a scarce and under developed hydrographic network, with two ravines, one called Barranco Verde, in the south of Montaña del Mojón and Barranco de Los Conejos, located east of La Montaña de Aguja Chica. Although the latter is a ravine that lacks longitudinal development, it is however the one that fits the best due to its formation on an area of inter-stratification of volcano-sedimentary and wind deposits, with an increase of current debris in sand deposits. Biogenic sedimentary structures may also be observed. At the mouth, there is a carbonate sand beach.
The main interest of this geosite is geomorphological, and the secondary one is volcanological, sedimentological, paleontological and stratigraphic. The ravine of Los Conejos is an example of the interference between processes of volcanic construction, wind processes and torrential dynamic. Although it is a very active geo-dynamic environment, this is a place with wide geological diversity and spectacular beauty.