Project Description

¡The Tinguatón volcano corresponds to the 3rd and last eruption stage of 1824, around 9 km from the first building formed, Tao volcano, and around 4 km from the 2nd eruption episode, Nuevo del Fuego or Chinero volcano. The three volcanic buildings are located over the same fracture in ENE-WSW direction. The eruption of the Tinguatón volcano started with a brief magmatic stage. The most significant feature of this eruption is the emission of salt water as powerful hot water jets during the final stages of the eruption. The emission of water has left behind volcanic chimneys, aligned throughout the fissure vent, which are totally clean and make up vertical chasms that are between 6 and 95 m deep.

This geosite has mainly a volcanological interest, an also geomorphological and tectonic. Its chasms are spectacular and the crater and its surroundings are stunning. Historical chronicles describe the duration and characteristics of this eruption in detail. The volcano is part of Los Volcanes Natural Park.