Project Description

The volcanic area of Pico Partido-Montaña del Señalo is one of the most active points of the fissure vent that puts together the different emission centres of the 1730-1736 eruption. This is one of the areas with the largest number of eruption centres per km2 of the whole eruption. This is a compact eruption system formed by overlapping, superposition and juxtaposition of cones and craters formed during the different stages, and the varied and eruption styles linked to fractures that don’t always go in the same direction, which determines the creation of a high and irregular eruption system, with a large morphological range. Among all elements, the peripheral secondary orla de bocas stand out, the spectacular lava channel associated to the sudden drainage of a lava lake, and the magnificent and spectacular full olivine bread in the Canary Islands. This geosite is part of Los Volcanes National Park.


The main interest of this geosite is volcanological, with a secondary geomorphological and tectonic interest. It stands out thanks to its historical and landscape values. This geosite has a high educational and biological value.