Project Description

El Corazoncillo is a volcano crater ring which is located 100m below the external base of the structure. This crater consists of the explosive funnel housed in a larger Strombolian-type structure from the historic Timanfaya eruption. In this volcanic structure you can identify different eruptive phases that formed, ranging from the formation of a cone of pyroclasts soldered forming a lava lake in the crater to hydromagmatic phases which generated a final explosive funnel. The yellowing of the materials forming the volcanic cone make it stand out markedly in the predominantly black surrounding landscape. This structure shows signs of major remodelling due to the process of gravity, mainly inside the crater; as well as intense processes of pyroclastic wind erosion, the size of lapilli, which form small trains of almost 1m-high volcanic charcoal dunes.
This geosite is of major volcanological interest and also secondary geomorphological type interest. The Corazoncillo volcanic structure forms part of the Geosite “VC007 Parque Nacional de Timanfaya” which is of international importance due to the fact that it is included within the boundaries of Parque Nacional de Timanfaya it is necessary to ask for permits. Its geomorphology and the variety of colours of both the cone as well as the lava that surround it give rise to a landscape of great beauty.